The Documentary


Finding the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with can seem nothing short of impossible, but what if you decided that you were going to renounce dating, save yourself for marriage, and leave the process of looking for your husband up to your parents…and God? This is the story of Kelly, a young woman who is doing just that.


For Kelly, who grew up happily in a secular family in Alabama, this was not the road she originally envisioned for herself.  But in her early twenties, her parents divorced and her world was shaken. Was marriage still something she believed in?  Was dating even right for her? Kelly moved to Michigan and began to develop a close relationship with God.  As she embarked upon a religious life, she learned about Christian Courtship, a process where parents with God's assistance search for their daughter's spouse.  Kelly knew instantly that Courtship was for her. Though she did kiss boys as a teen, she now hopes to save her next kiss for her husband.


Because Kelly’s own parents thought courtship was crazy (Why not just Internet date?), she began to search for spiritual parents. When she met the Wrights, a couple who had embraced Courtship for their own family, she knew that they were just the people she had been looking for. Now Kelly lives with the them , and, if a young man is interested in her, he must meet with Mr. Wright first.  If Mr. Wright approves then Kelly gets introduced and the whole family works together to determine if this is the person God intends for her to marry. The young man will not be left alone with Kelly until they are standing at the altar.